Itzbeen Pocket Doctor DeviceThis breakthrough, patented product helps consumers remember when to take multiple medications throughout the day with individual alarm systems. The Pocket Doctor is a great reminder tool for those with multiple caregivers, multitasking moms, and newly independent college kids. The lightweight product is designed for portable or stationary use, as it includes a built-in stand and a backlight for nighttime.

Consists of four distinct unique colors, easy to decipher even for color-blind consumers with color-coded bands can be placed around prescription bottle(s), (up to 2" in diameter)


Pocket Doctor Features:

• Keeps track of multiple medication schedules with individual alarm notifications.
• Great reminder tool for those with multiple caregivers, multitasking moms, and newly independent college kids.
• Patented count-up feature tells you how long "Itzbeen", since you took your last dose of medication.
• Designed for portable and stationary use with its handheld, lightweight design and built-in stand.
• Button lock switch prevents accidental timer resets.
• Over-sized buttons provide easy use for elderly consumers with arthritis or with less than perfect eyesight.
• The built-in backlight feature makes for easy reading in the dark.
· The alarm is at decibel level of 80 dBA so that even the hard of hearing will be alerted.
• Uses 3 AAA Batteries

Harold Silverman, Pharm.D., author of The Pill Book (Over 18 million sold) is a supporter of The Pocket Doctor to bring awareness to the importance of medication compliance as well as warn consumers of the dangerous consequences of not taking medication on schedule. For more than three decades, millions of consumers have trusted The Pill Book to provide official, FDA-approved information on more than 1,800 of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, with guidelines from leading pharmacists.

Skipped Medication doses account for over 100,000 Deaths Each Year

1 in 4 adults ages 65 and over take 10-19 pills each day

$290 billion
is spent medical expenses caused by lack of medication compliance.

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